Family tree of
Søren Nielsen & Lene Dræby Kottal

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Here you can check if your relatives are part of my tree. Please beware that names are spelled with local letters. I also wish to direct your attention to my article about the Danish naming traditions, because if the person you are searching for is female, the ending of the last name might be "datter" and not "sen", which is an important distinction to make when searching.

Simple search for a person

Choose the first letter of the surname. On the results list, you can then narrow in on one or more surnames. The end result is a list of full names and year of birth and death (if available) for each person with the chosen surnames.

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Advanced search for a person

Fill in the form with the relevant details and click the search button. Beware that not all people are registered with e.g. a year of birth, and by choosing a time limit, you eliminate all people, who do not have years registered.