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Søren Nielsen & Lene Dræby Kottal

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M Frederik Pedersen Juhl

Birth: October 25, 1828 in Stenderup Gårde, Toftlund, Denmark

Death: June 1, 1891 in Nørre Holsted, Holsted, Denmark

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F Maren Jensen

Birth: June 4, 1831 in Tornskov, Nørre Løgum, Denmark

Death: July 26, 1892 in Nørre Holsted, Holsted, Denmark

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They were married on November 8, 1860 in Agerskov Church, Denmark. They had the following children:

1)Line Cathrine Juul, born 1861, died 1907

2)Thomas Jensen Juhl, born 1864, died 1949

3)Marie Juhl, born 1867, died 1965

4)Jens Frederiksen Juhl, born 1870, died 1962

5)Anna Marie Juul, born 1875, died 1953

The dates reveal that Maren was 6 months pregnant when Frederik and Maren were married, but they had met at least one year earlier, i.e. on 31 July 1859 when they were both witnesses at the christening of Maren's nephew Peder Christian Nissen in Agerskov Church.

The family lived in Geestrup in Agerskov parish for about a year, and then they moved to Rurup in Branderup parish where Frederik grew up. There they bought about 9 acres of land and built their own property on it. In 1864 the Second Schleswig War broke out and the result was Denmark's surrender of Schleswig. Thereafter Rurup was part of the Kingdom of Prussia, and the family members were then Prussian citizens. They could have applied for Danish citizenship at once, but they didn't. In fact, they stayed in Rurup until 1876, when Frederik applied for a suspension of their Prussian citizenship. The suspension was granted on 31 March 1876, and shortly thereafter Frederik sold the property in Rurup, and then Frederik, Maren and their 5 children moved to Lindknud in Denmark. By doing that, the sons avoided having to serve in the army of the German Confederation.

The residence in Lindknud was only temporary, because in 1879 Frederik bought a property in Nørre Holsted. Back then its location was quite secluded, but today it almost has the freeway in its backyard. The land only covers about 1 acre (about ¾ of a football field), so compared to their 9 acres in Rurup this plot of land was indeed small.

In 1882 the family moved again, but this time they didn't move far, because Frederik swapped properties with another land owner in Nørre Holsted. The new plot of land covered 24 acres, and therefore Frederik had to pay 2100 DKR extra as part of the swap. That amount corresponds to about 150000 DKR today. For Danish standards that doesn't seem to be much, anyhow, that was the difference of values which Frederik and the previous owner agreed on back then.

In 1890 Frederik sold the property to their son Thomas, on the condition that Thomas provided for Frederik and Maren until their deaths. The conditions were described in detail in a contract. Among other issues the contract dictated that each morning all year Frederik and Maren should be given “½ jug of freshly milked milk from fresh and sound cows”. Besides they should be given a lot of grain which Thomas “- when asked - had to drive to the mill and after the milling back again”. Finally it should be noted that even “pensioners” were allowed to feel a difference between weekdays and holidays: At Christmas, Easter and Whitsun they should have both coffee, sugar candy and brandy - they certainly didn't get that during the rest of the year.

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Married in Agerskov Church, Denmark


Counted in a census in Holsted, Denmark


Counted in a census in Holsted, Denmark