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Søren Nielsen & Lene Dræby Kottal

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FAne Tomine Jensen

Birth: September 12, 1856 in Sminge, Voel, Denmark

Death: January 21, 1919 in Virklund, Them, Denmark

Daughter of Jens Andersen and Zidsel Marie Rasmusdatter

Relation to me: Great-great-grandmother.

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Events for this individual


Born in Sminge, Voel, Denmark


Christened in Tvilum Church, Denmark


Vaccinated against smallpox by doctor Ditzel


Confirmed in Balle Church, Denmark


Died in Virklund, Them, Denmark, 62 years old


Buried at Them Cemetry, Denmark

Partners and children

Søren Andersen Fisker
Married 1882


Andrea Frederikke Andersen

Sidsel Marie Andersen

Anders Andersen Fisker

Ane Margrethe Alvilde Andersen

Jens Andersen

Jens Andersen Fisker

Valdemar Ferdinand Fisker Andersen

Else Marie Valborg Andersen Fisker

Petrea Johanne Marie Andersen Fisker

Ragnhild Ingeborg Andersen Fisker

Valdemar Ferdinand Andersen Fisker

Eleonora Dusine Andersen Fisker