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MAnders Jacobsson

Birth: October 13, 1819 in Pensala, Munsala, Pohjanmaa, Finland

Death: May 24, 1868 in Munsala, Pohjanmaa, Finland

Son of Jacob Carlsson and Anna Andersdotter

Relation to me: 3x great-grandfather.

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Anders had various job over the years. He was a sailor, a farmer and a glass maker. He was a glass maker at the Sandnäs Glassworks in Munsala, Finland, and when he worked there, the glass was hand made and not machined as it was later in time.

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Born in Pensala, Munsala, Pohjanmaa, Finland


Christened in Munsala Church, Pohjanmaa, Finland


Buried at Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland


Died in Munsala, Pohjanmaa, Finland, 48 years old

Partners and children

Maja Lowisa Henriksdotter
Married 1844


Jacob Andersson Söderlund

Johanna Andersdotter Söderlund

Anders Johan Söderlund

Anna Lovisa Andersdotter Söderlund

Julius Andersson Söderlund

Otteliana Andersdotter Söderlund