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MOtto Anselm Söderlund

Birth: April 19, 1883 in Utra, Joensuu, Kontiolahti, Pohjois-Karjala, Finland

Death: July 14, 1918 in Käkisalmi Prison Camp, Viipuri, Finland

Son of Jacob Andersson Söderlund and Maria Sofia Wikstedt

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Otto was expelled from Denmark on 4 June 1910 and he was not allowed to return to Denmark again. The law which was used to expel him is called the Aliens Act and enables the police to expel foreigners who cause public disturbance or who are unemployed. Whether it was one or the other, which lead to the expulsion of Otto is unknown, however, he went back to Finland and worked at various glass factories there.

In 1911 he worked at Rauma Glass Factory, which had just begun its production the year before that. That plant produced window glass. From 1912-1914 Otto worked in the city Johannes at the two plants Kirkkoniemi and Rokkala. Both of these plants initially produced mirror glass, but Kirkkoniemi had a special groundwood mill, which enabled them to grind and polish the mirror glass. From 1907 the plant switched to producing window glass. Kirkkoniemi was the largest Finnish glass factory at that time.

Otto's last place of work (1915-1918) was Ristiniemi Glass Factory in the town Hamina, which lies close to the present border between Finland and Russia. At this plant they primarily produced window glass, which was exported to Russia. What Otto did besides working at the glass factory is unknown, however, in 1918 he was arrested and imprisoned in a Russian prison camp, where he died after being held captive for almost 3 months. He probably died of starvation.

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Born in Utra, Joensuu, Kontiolahti, Pohjois-Karjala, Finland


Confirmed in Skt. Knuds Church, Odense, Denmark


Died in Käkisalmi Prison Camp, Viipuri, Finland, 35 years old

Partners and children

Dagmar Linea Hemming


Lilly Söderlund

Åke Paul Anselm Söderlund

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