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Søren Nielsen & Lene Dræby Kottal

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MPeder Hansen

Birth: abt 1703 in Andst, Denmark

Death: October 21, 1787 in Klaaborg, Højrup, Stepping, Denmark

Son of Hans Jensen and Kirsten Pedersdatter

Relation to me: 7x great-grandfather.

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Events for this individual

ca. 1703

Born in Andst, Denmark


Died in Klaaborg, Højrup, Stepping, Denmark


Buried at Stepping Cemetry, Denmark

Partners and children

Chreste Laustdatter
Married 1736


Clauss Persen

Johanne Simonsdatter
Married 1759


Chreste Pedersdatter

Ingeburg Pedersdatter

Kiersten Pedersdatter

Ingerborg Pedersdatter