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MJacob Andersson Söderlund

Birth: August 8, 1845 in Munsala, Pohjanmaa, Finland

Son of Anders Jacobsson and Maja Lowisa Henriksdotter

Relation to me: Great-great-grandfather.

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Jacob's first job was at Sandnäs Glass Factory in Munsala, Finland, where he started at age 14. Besides window glass, bottles and cheap drinking glasses were produced at that factory. He then moved further south in 1876 and got a job at another Finnish glassworks, namely Johannislund Glassworks, which after many years of mixed production specialized in bottle production. Except for a short time at Skinnarvik Glassworks in 1880, Jacob was at Johannislund until 1882, after which the family moved to Utra in Joensuu. The glassworks in Utra was known throughout the world for the high quality of its glass, and it attracted labor from e.g. Denmark.

Exactly when Jacob came to Denmark is still uncertain. According to the Finnish archives, he was at Utra Glassworks until 1889, after which he got a job at Pitkyaranta Glassworks in Karelia in present-day Russia until the 1896. According to the Danish archives, he traveled from Copenhagen to Odense in 1893. The data thus are not exactly the same, anyhow, Jacob traveled to Denmark in the 1890s and got a job at Odense Glassworks.

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Born in Munsala, Pohjanmaa, Finland


Christened in Munsala Church, Pohjanmaa, Finland


Counted in a census in Odense, Denmark


Counted in a census in Odense, Denmark

Partners and children

Maria Sofia Wikstedt
Married 1870


Aksel Alfred Söderlund

Anna Maria Söderlund

Otto Anselm Söderlund

Rudolf Lambert Söderlund

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