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Søren Nielsen & Lene Dræby Kottal

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MChristen Jørgensen

Birth: April 5, 1819 in Nørre Gørding, Gørding, Denmark

Death: October 27, 1888 in Lundtofte, Føvling, Denmark

Son of Jørgen Pedersen and Ingeborg Mogensdatter

Relation to me: 3x great-grandfather.

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Most young people didn't have to start working outside the home until they had been confirmed, however, Christen was already out serving when he was confirmed in 1834. He was a servant with farmer Anders Grummesen in the village Grene in Åstrup parish. Anyhow, Anders Grummesens farm was only about 10 km away from Christen's home, and he moved back to his home parish Gørding after ending his service on 30 October 1834.

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Christened at home in Nørre Gørding, Gørding, Denmark


Born in Nørre Gørding, Gørding, Denmark


Christened in Gørding Church, Denmark


Vaccinated against smallpox by doctor Hansen


Confirmed in Aastrup Church, Denmark


Counted in a census in Grene, Aastrup, Denmark


Counted in a census in Fonager, Gørding, Denmark


Died in Lundtofte, Føvling, Denmark, 69 years old


Buried at Føvling Cemetry, Denmark

Partners and children

Ane Malene Hansen
Married 1855


Ane Marie Christensen

Ingeborg Christensen

Jens Kristian Kristensen

Ingeborg Christensen

Inger Marie Kristensen

Jørgen Peder Jørgensen

Hans Jensen Kristensen

Jørgen Peder Kristensen

Else Marie Kristensen