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Søren Nielsen & Lene Dræby Kottal

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MSøren Christensen

Birth: 1758 in Virklund, Them, Denmark

Death: July 24, 1834 in Gunildshøj, Them, Denmark

Son of Christen Jensen and Ane Cathrine Nielsdatter

Relation to me: 5x great-grandfather.

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He was called Søren Vestergaard, the nickname means "western farm". There was a farm by the name Vestergaard in his home parish, but it is still unknown whether he lived on that farm at some point. We do however know that he was a tenant farmer at the farm Gunildshøj from around the turn of the century (at the latest) until his death.

Events for this individual


Born in Virklund, Them, Denmark


Christened in Them Church, Denmark


Counted in a census in Virklund, Them, Denmark


Died in Gunildshøj, Them, Denmark


Buried at Them Cemetry, Denmark



Partners and children

Kiersten Christensdatter
Married 1787


Ane Catrine Sørensdatter

Christen Sørensen

Ane Sørensdatter

Christen Sørensen

Jens Sørensen

Hans Sørensen

Niels Sørensen