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Søren Nielsen & Lene Dræby Kottal

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MJens Kristian Kristensen

Birth: July 4, 1859 in Tange, Gørding, Denmark

Death: April 14, 1936 in Sydvestjysk Hospital Varde, Denmark

Son of Christen Jørgensen and Ane Malene Hansen

Relation to me: Great-great-grandfather.

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After Jens Kristian became a widower, he still kept himself going, and occasionally he visited his daughter Gunder and her family in Holsted. Jens Kristian's grandchild Jenny happily remembered that he always stayed several days, when he visited them.

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Born in Tange, Gørding, Denmark


Christened in Gørding Church, Denmark


Counted in a census in Tange Mark, Gørding, Denmark


Counted in a census in Stenderup, Føvling, Denmark


Died in Sydvestjysk Hospital Varde, Denmark, 76 years old

Partners and children

Christine Margrete Elbæk Jessen
Married 1887


Jeppe Jensen Kristensen

Kristian Jørgensen Kristensen

Gunder Margrethe Elbæk Kristensen

Kristian Kristensen

Meta Cecilie Andrea Kristensen

Anna Helene Kristensen

Emma Kirstine Kristensen

Inger Marie Jørgine Kristensen