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Søren Nielsen & Lene Dræby Kottal

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FGunder Margrethe Elbæk Kristensen

Birth: September 26, 1892 in Bobøl, Føvling, Denmark

Death: July 6, 1963 in Brørup, Denmark

Daughter of Jens Kristian Kristensen and Christine Margrete Elbæk Jessen

Relation to me: Great-grandmother.

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At her christening her name is stated as Gunder Marie Elbæk Kristensen, but in all other sources she is called Gunder Margrethe Elbæk Kristensen. That is also the name her daughter Jenny has stated. I therefore assume that there is a mistake in this copy of the parish register. It has not yet been possible for me to see the main book of this parish register and thereby check the name therein.

The godparents at her christening were among others her father's brother Jørgen Peder Kristensen and her mother's father's brother Peder Pedersen Læk Jessen. As far as I know other three godparents were not members of the family.

Events for this individual


Born in Bobøl, Føvling, Denmark


Christened in Føvling Church, Føvling, Denmark


Died in Brørup, Denmark, 70 years old


Buried at Holsted Cemetry, Holsted, Denmark

Partners and children

Niels Hansen Sørensen Juhl
Married 1917


Thomas Jensen Juhl

Jens Kristian Juhl

Jenny Kristine Juhl

Marie Kirstine Juhl

Grethe Kristensen Juhl