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Søren Nielsen & Lene Dræby Kottal

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FGertrud Pedersdatter

Birth: 1742 in Rustrup, Them, Denmark

Death: March 1, 1816 in Esperlund, Them, Denmark

Daughter of Peder Poulsen and Kirsten Nielsdatter

Relation to me: 6x great-grandmother.

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Born in Rustrup, Them, Denmark


Christened in Them Church, Denmark


Died in Esperlund, Them, Denmark


Buried at Them Cemetry, Denmark

Partners and children

Søren Lauridsen
Married 1762


Anne Sørensdatter

Peder Sørensen

Sivert Sørensen

Laust Sørensen

Poul Sørensen

Anne Kirstine Sørensdatter

Inger Sørensdatter

Poul Sørensen