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MThomas Jensen Juhl

Birth: July 29, 1864 in Rurup, Branderup, Denmark

Death: June 24, 1949 in Nørre Holsted, Holsted, Denmark

Son of Frederik Pedersen Juhl and Maren Jensen

Relation to me: Great-great-grandfather.

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Thomas attended elementary school like all other children at that time. He did however attend schools in three different villages, because his parents moved twice during his school days. After he turned 10, he was out serving various families every summer, because at that time children only attended school during the winter time after the age of 10. According to comments in Thomas' servant's conduct book, he was a hardworking and loyal person.

The first time the family moved from Branderup to Lindknud in 1876. Branderup was in Schleswig and was therefore part of the German Confederation from 1864. It is unknown, why the family moved, but Lindknud was in Denmark, and not Schleswig. The parents had to file an application to be relieved of their Prussian Citizenship, and as soon as the request was granted, they moved to Lindknud.

Thomas was enlisted for military service from 1882. According to his registration in the military levying rolls he met for service under the 3rd dragoon regiment on 5 January 1886 and was sent home on 7 March 1888. In 1887 he was a stableman during actual warfare. From February 1895 he was under the reserve force. In januar 1901 he was discharged.

In 1889 Thomas was employed as a winter teacher in Holsted, and he kept that job for the next 40 years. Working 40 years at the same place was not unusual back then, however, it was relatively unusual for a man to be a teacher at that time. That was a women's job. However, it does seem like Thomas felt that the job was a kind of calling for him. He has written a lot about it, and his notes did in fact become the start of a family book for that part of my family.

Events for this individual


Born in Rurup, Branderup, Denmark


Christened in Branderup Church, Branderup, Denmark


Vaccinated against smallpox by doctor Reimers


Confirmed in Føvling Church, Føvling, Denmark


Counted in a census in Nørbølling, Folding, Denmark


lægdsrulle, tilgangsrulle§ in Holsted, Denmark


Counted in a census in Holsted, Denmark


lægdsrulle, omskrevet§ in Holsted, Denmark


Died in Nørre Holsted, Holsted, Denmark, 84 years old


Buried at Holsted Cemetry, Holsted, Denmark





Partners and children

Marie Christine Sørensen
Married 1890


Frederik Peder Juhl

Ane Kathrine Juhl

Niels Hansen Sørensen Juhl

Maren Jensine Juhl

Simine Frederikke Juhl

Anna Maria Juhl

Dagmar Kirstine Juhl

Alfrida Juhl

Frederik Peter Juhl

Dagmar Kirstine Juhl

Jens Hansen Juhl

Ellen Maria Juhl

Johannes Juhl